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1st Knaresborough (Castle) Scout Group

Harrogate & Nidderdale District Scouts, North Yorkshire

Group Policy

Attendance Policy:

Scouting is a commuity organisation, we believe in building a strong team spirit where the kids pull together to achieve their goals. Rather like being part of a sport team, if a player is missing the team cannot work. In order to foster a sense of duty and commitment we expect the group memebers to turn up every week.  They may have to miss other events or opportunities, this is part of life making a sacrafice to achieve something.  If children cannot attend that week then you should inform the group leader why they are not attending.

Children that miss three consecutive sessions without good reason and prior permission will be expected to leave the group.  Children that have a less than 80% attendance level will be asked to justify their position and may lose their position to someone on the waiting list.

If you have any concerns about how your child's attendance is being addressed you should speak to the Section Leader in the first instance or the Group Scout Leader for further clarification.




 Behaviour Policy:

1st Knaresborough Scouts aims to up hold the principles of the Scouting Organisation, We believe that all people have a right to repect and we ask all members to uphold these principles:

  • Follow  the Cub Scout Law, promise and motto in everything we do
  • Show respect to leaders, other Cubs, parents, and guests
  • Listen and pay attention at all times, especially when someone else is speaking
  • Respect other Cubs property and other Cubs at all times
  • Wear Cub uniform and neckers at every meeting unless told otherwise
  • Leave mobile phones, game consoles and other similar devices at home
  • Not allow bullying
  • Have fun!

1st Knaresborough Scouts Operates a Three Strike Policy:

  1. In the first instance of poor behaviour, the cub will be asked to stop by one of the leadership team.
  2. If the poor behaviour continues, a verbal warning will be given to the cub.
  3. If the cub then carries on with the poor behaviour, they will be removed from the activity.
Cubs may also be removed from activities for more serious behaviour. This is at the discretion of the leader in charge. Parents will be informed when a cub has been removed from an activity, and will also be informed of repeated poor behaviour over a series of cub-meetings. The support and cooperation of all parents in reinforcing these rules will ensure that our Cubs can enjoy and benefit from all our activities.
If the behaviour is of a significant nature then the individual may be suspended for a week, this action will be agreed with the Section Leader and Group Scout Leader.
Payments Policy:

In order to decrease admin we will only accept payments made by OSM(Online Scout Manager), this covers all payments, Subs, Camps, Trips.

Communication and bookings can only be made by OSM, cancellations or alterations by Facebook, SMS, or to other emails other than the named contact will not be accepted.

1.  This policy will apply to trips and camps of multi-day duration or activities of significant expense that may require an element of forward planning. Lesser charges and small payments will be at the discretion of the leaders involved.

2. PAYMENT: Payments should be made through Online Scout Manager as this decreases the amount of admin required.

3. THE DEPOSIT: Trips under £25.00 should be paid in full at time of booking (this is non-refundable). A deposit will be chargeable of 10-25% depending on the nature of the event at a set time when the activity is announced, this deposit is non-refundable. Where the trip fee is paid as a single payment this will be considered a non-refundable deposit.

4. THE BALANCE: The balance of payment will be made by pre-agreement prior to the event, this shall be no later than two weeks prior to the event. Individuals that do not pay the balance by the agreed time without representation to the committee shall not allowed to go on the trip. 

5. YOU CANCEL: In case of cancellation, If the trip is cancelled by 1st Knaresborough we will endeavour to return what funds we can which have not been spent at that time.

6. WE CANCEL: If the trip is cancelled at short notice the balance of fees will be payable. Paying a deposit constitutes a commitment to pay for the trip in full. Where the Scout has to cancel attendance at short notice the GSL should be contacted allowances maybe made in emergencies.





Hardship Fund:





Complaints Procedure:

If you have any issues with your experience at 1st Knaresborough you should in the first instance address this to the relevant Section Leader, If you feel that this is not resolving the issue you should contact the Group Scout Leader.  Any issues that cannot be resolved at this level should be addressed to the Harrogate and Nidderdale Scout District (HANDS).



1st Knaresborough (Castle) Scout Group
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